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Tandy Whiz Kids Comics

Tandy Computer Whiz Kids was a series of kids' comic books distributed by Radio Shack as promotional and educational literature. They were published by Archie Comics. Tandy Computer Whiz Kids was published sporadically. Its first issue, with the serial then titled "TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids", appeared in 1984. Eight issues in all are known to have been published, the last appearing in 1991.

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Date Published
Superman - Victory by Computer (1981)(DC Comics - Radio Shack)(US)
Topics: color, computer, anp, tandy, superman, kit, pown, radio, programs, memory, color computer, free copy
Superman - The Computers that Saved Metropolis! (1980-07)(DC Comics - Radio Shack)(US)
favoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: anp, radio, computers, computer, tandy, amp, metropolis, shack, hap, shanna, radio shack, zip code,...
Tandy Computer Whiz Kids - Safeguarding the Environment (1991)(Radio Shack)(US)
Topics: anp, tandy, color, kit, solar, archie, aluminum, shanna, illegal, alec
Tandy Computer Whiz Kids - News by Computer Foils Kidnappers! (1986)(Radio Shack)(US)
Topics: color, compuler, tandy, computer, learning, transistor, program, radio, color computer, diskette
Tandy Computer Whiz Kids - The Answer to a Riddle (1987)(Radio Shack)(US)
Topics: computer, color, electronic, program, diskette, storage, radio, tandy, educational, lor, color...
Tandy Computer Whiz Kids - A Deadly Choice! (1990)(Radio Shack)(US)
Topics: computer, program, anp, computers, quires, mhz, computet, radio, khz
Tandy Computer Whiz Kids - The Computers that Said No to Drugs! (1985)(Radio Shack)(US)
Topics: computer, tandy, electronic, program, storage, participating, shack, radio, anp, diskette, radio...
Tandy Computer Whiz Kids - The Community Action Program (1982)(Radio Shack)(US)
Topics: vou, kit, vcu, cavt, tmis, wav, color, anp, project
TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids - The Computer Trap (1984)(Radio Shack)(US)
Topics: tandy, computer, radio, vou, anp, program, scripsit, shack, diskette, corporation, tandy...
Tandy Computer Whiz Kids, The - Fit To Win! (1988)(Radio Shack)(US)
favoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: computer, color, tandy, electronic, amd, stereo, computers, diskette, ine, radio, color computer